Vocabulary. disadvantage— неудобство

disadvantage— неудобство

air-and-noise pollution — загрязнение воздуха и шум

harmful substances — вредные вещества

crime— преступление

robbery— грабеж

Sexual offences — сексуальные преступления ,

thefts — воровство

smuggling — контрабанда

housing shortage — нехватка жилья

shared apartments—коммунальные квартиры

extra expences — дополнительные расходы

modern conveniences — современные удобства

running water— водопровод

central heating — центральное отопление

telephone services — телефонные услуги

There are so many big cities and small villages in our country. It goes without saying that the life in the city and country is absolutely different. Any big city has its own problems as well as the village.

To my mind the first disadvantage or a problem is enormous air-and-noise pollution in the city. Every year world industry pollutes the atmosphere with million tons of dust and other harmful substances. People suffer from smog, it's difficult to breathe. And of course, it's very noisy outside because of a heavy traffic. Another thing is crime. The crime rate speeds up. And we can hear every day about mur­ders, robbery, sexual offences, thefts, smuggling, etc.

I think that the housing shortage is also a big problem of many families. Cities are overcrowded. About ten million people live in shared apartments. It is known that many of the unmarried adults live in a hostel or rent a room from a private owner. Most young people don't want to live together with their parents after they get married, but half of them have to do this.

Also life is much more stressful in a big city than that in thecountry, for example many people are scared to loose their jobs. The cost of living is very high. A citizen pays much more extra expenses for public transport, snacks, entertainment, etc.

The village has its own, problems. The everyday life is not easy, for example living conditions of the people. Many of the houses don't have modern con­ veniences such as running water, central heating, telephone services, etc.

You can feel terribly isolated in the village as the roads are very bad and it's difficult to get from there to the nearest district centre or a town, especially in autumn and spring. Usually there is only one shop in the country and you can't buy everything you need.; Another problem is that it's difficult to get good edu­cation in the country and enter the university after that. There are no museums, art galleries, theatres, gyms there. The style of life in the country is also dif- ferent from that in the city, as everybody knows you and expects you to live and behave in a certain way.

But the air is so fresh and clear, the nature is so beautiful, the life is quite and a friendly smile is a common thing in the village. I think this place is for those people who are looking for a peace and a lovely natural environment. In spite a lot of prob­lems I prefer to live in a big city, which can offer me fun, pleasure, comfort and excitement.